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#Askthesus100 in 2019 – Question One

What are your top sustainable #LifeHacks?

What are your top sustainable #LifeHacks?

What are your top sustainable #LifeHacks?

We asked the key figures of the UK sustainability community on Twitter what their inspirations, sustainable life hacks and hopes are for 2019.

Here are there comments on our first question – what are your top sustainable #LifeHacks?





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Nicola Craddock 2 years ago

They sound very worthy – running! cold showers!! vegan naps!!! – and transport features highly. Like the fact that they want more joy 🙂 But what about simple things like changing to a (really) green energy supplier? Nice ‘n easy and can be done from a nice warm armchair. I suppose they’ve all done that one already…

JeffGJ 2 years ago

We need to live as much as possible at one with natural cycles and resist the temptation to go with the latest fashion however that may present itself, including veg and vegan diets. We are part of the problem and could be part of the solution. There is no one-size-fits-all. Let’s have an open grown-up discussion on our part in natural forces and how what we do affects others.