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Ethical inspiration for 2019

Hear what inspires the #sus100

Hear what inspires the #sus100

We asked the key figures of the UK sustainability community on Twitter what their inspirations, sustainable life hacks and hopes are for 2019.

The Sustainable Social Media 100 is a ranking of the key figures in the environmental and sustainability community on Twitter. It provides inspiration about who to follow and grows connections between everyone who’s interested in sustainability issues in the UK. You won’t find any organisations here – we’ve just included personal accounts.

To start 2019, we challenged the #sus100 to answer one question each day for a week. It was a hit! The #sus100 list took up the challenge and responded with some fantastic insights. What are their top sustainable life hacks? Who are their sustainable inspirations? What innovation offers the greatest hope for a sustainable future? How would they tackle climate change? What gives them hope for 2019? We had so many great answers that we wanted to share them with you.

Each question is listed below. Click the question to see the all the answers. And then use the comments to add your own.

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H Sowden 2 years ago

Being ethical means being meat and dairy free

Reply to H Sowden
Richard Johnson 2 years ago

I started about a year ago and i have not looked back. I feel i am making a contribution to saving animals from a horrific future and saving the environment.

Cllr Paul.R.Kimber 2 years ago

Excellent news that a bank cares as my Coop bank has broken away from the Coop Group.

Richard Johnson 2 years ago

It is the only way forward for the planet wild life and humanity although animals and humans are the same thing.