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Liquid assets

£2.5 million bond issue to raise funds for investment in UK hydro power

£2.5 million bond issue to raise funds for investment in UK hydro power

The TLS Hydro Power bond issue has now closed fully subscribed.

TLS Hydro Power, one of the UK’s leading independent developers of small- scale hydro power schemes is working with Triodos Bank to raise £2.5 million for investment in new renewable energy projects.

It aims to use the money raised to help meet growing demand from LoCO2 energy – also part of the TLS Energy Group – which supplies around 8,500 customers with energy, 80% of which comes from renewable sources.

TLS Energy Group Chief Executive Officer Bob Middleton said; “Our ambition is to supply one third of LoCO2 energy’s need through our own renewable energy production. To achieve this we need to develop, own and operate more renewable energy generation assets. Money raised through the bond issue will put us in a strong position to respond quickly to opportunities as they arise in an increasingly competitive market.” TLS Hydro Power specialises in both the development and construction of new hydro power schemes and the renovation of older, defunct sites. It has developed eight sites across the UK, including redeveloping three old hydro power sites which had fallen into disrepair. The redevelopment of existing sites is part of TLS Hydro Power’s strategy to minimise environmental impact as it grows its renewable energy generating capacity.

The bond issue, which runs from  16 March 2015 to 29 May 2015, offers a 7% annual return*, with a minimum investment of £1,000. LoC02 energy customers and employees of the TLS Energy Group will receive additional interest of 0.25% per year, payable at maturity, and a lower minimum investment of £500. Visit www.loco2energy.co.uk, call 0117 980 9593 or email investments@triodos.co.uk for more information.

TLS Hydro Power bond issue closed

The TLS Hydro Power bond issue closed fully subscribed, raising £2.5 million in just over three weeks. Email investments@triodos.co.uk to find out about future investment opportunities from Triodos Bank, including other opportunities to invest in UK hydro power companies.


Important notice

Investment decisions must only be made on the basis of the offer document and not on any information provided in this article. Investing in TLS Hydro Power Bonds is not the same as investing money in a bank account as your capital is at risk and you may not get back the full amount that you invested. TLS Hydro Power’s ability to pay the interest and repay the bond is dependent on the continuing success of its business model and planned means of refinancing. TLS Hydro Power Bonds are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This financial promotion has been issued and approved by Triodos Bank NV. TLS Hydro Power Limited is a company registered in Scotland (SC200394).

*7% gross interest per year – fixed and payable (net of UK basic rate tax) annually in arrears. Loco2 Energy customers or investors who become Loco2 Energy customers by 31 March 2016 will receive additional interest of 0.25% per year (ie gross interest equivalent to 7.25% per year), payable at maturity.

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