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Anna Laycock: The Power of Finance

As Director of The Finance Innovation Lab, Anna Laycock has a strong understanding of how finance, when used appropriately, can create positive change.

At the Triodos Bank UK Annual Meeting in April, Anna explored the basis of finance and how, far from being boring, it holds an extraordinary power to be transformational. Money is a product of social interaction and as such, the benefits and deficits are the result of human decisions. As Anna says, “Finance is not an immutable natural law of the universe. It is ours. We made it and we can change it.”

Watch the inspiring talk in full here:

“You only get trust from trustworthy behaviour, so banks need to start making decisions with both their head and their heart.”

Anna Laycock, Finance Innovation Lab

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Anna Laycock

Anna leads the Finance Innovation Lab’s work for a financial system that serves people and planet. She is an Associate of the St Paul’s Institute, a Director of the New Economy Organisers Network, an Associate of the Institute for Social Banking, and a Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce). Prior to joining the Lab, Anna worked in sustainable finance in the UK and internationally. She holds an MSc in Global Ethics and has written for a wide range of publications including the Guardian, Stir to Action, Pioneers Post and the New Statesman.

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Teresa Seed 3 years ago

At 1.41 – 1.44 approximately, Anna Laycock miraculously changes her shoes from heels to sneakers, then back again. Good trick! Distracting though: will now return to hear what she’s saying….