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Annual meeting launches Triodos Current Account

Triodos Bank UK’s annual meeting was the moment everyday banking changed. Now there’s a current account that comes with something others do not – values as standard.

Triodos current account

Our annual meeting featured a lively and inspiring series of talks and debate all based around the theme of ‘Change Together’. There was also an ethical marketplace featuring some of the finest ethical and sustainable organisations around.

This year’s meeting was particularly exciting for us as it marked the launch of our UK current account for personal customers. This transforms us as a bank, enabling us to appeal and engage with an even wider community of people who want to be part of a growing movement that is choosing to make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change

The ‘Power in Our Hands’ session looked at our individual and collective power to create change, with help from guest speakers John-Paul Flintoff, author of ‘How to change the world’; Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Network; and Anna Laycock, director at The Finance Innovation Lab. The full talks will soon be available to watch, but for now you can learn more about the speakers and what they talked about in these teasers.

Take a look at some of the pictures from the day

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Patricia Bradbury 3 years ago

It is now some days so memories are fading .I expected more spaces for w/cs. but of course you knew how many were coming. a mobile mike would have been good.

Valerie Stephenson 3 years ago

Very Good and informative. Excellent to hear about Triodos’s ethical personal current account.

Power in our hands | The Colour of Money | Triodos Bank 3 years ago

[…] If you missed the annual meeting and the launch of our current account for personal customers watch the highlights here. […]