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#bankingonvalues for positive change

The power is in your pocket

The power is in your pocket

On 23 October 2014, the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) staged #bankingonvalues; an internationally co-ordinated campaign to stimulate a global conversation about a new way of banking. The campaign saw GABV members across the globe sharing links and information and having online conversations with people all over the world. Over a 24 hour period, #bankingonvalues had 7.8million impressions.

GABV is a network of the world’s leading sustainable banks and financial co-operatives, covering 30 countries and serving 20 million customers.

Stretching from Asia, Africa, Australia, and Latin America to North America and Europe, GABV finds solutions to international problems by promoting a positive, viable alternative to the current financial system: one that puts the needs of people and planet first.

“banks with business models based on the Principles of Sustainable Banking have once again demonstrated higher financial returns than the largest banks in the world.”

GAVB’s Real Economy – Real Returns: The Business Case for Sustainability Focused Banking, October 2014

Often overlooked as a ‘pie in the sky’ ideal, values based banking is actually a very profitable approach– in fact, according to GABV research conducted this month and in October 2013, sustainable banks have stronger capital positions and delivered better returns on assets than their mainstream contemporaries.

The GABV’s mission is to create interest in this approach to finance; to show that it exists and show people that there’s a way of doing business that can combine positive economic, social and environmental impact with financial success.

The #bankingonvalues campaign has taken this further  – it’s aim was to prompt thought about the relationship between banking, the economy, environment and society by stimulating conversation locally and globally about a new way of banking.

“#bankingonvalues was a rallying call to the public that the power is in their pocket.”

Paula Martin, senior adviser with the GABV.

The campaign also aimed to humanise the approach and show people that banking can be personal and positive by highlighting the passion and vision of those behind the values-led approach, as Paula Martin, senior adviser with the GABV explains.

“#bankingonvalues is a rallying call to the public that the power is in their pocket. Switching to values-based banking has a positive effect on their wealth and that of their community; providing a way people can reinforce their personal values with something as simple as their day-to-day banking transactions.”

At Triodos Bank UK, we added our voices to those of our fellow GABV members across the world to raise awareness of values-based banking. You can still join the conversation by following #bankingonvalues across social media.


Global Alliance for Banking on Values

The Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) is an independent network of banks and banking cooperatives with a shared mission to put people’s needs first. It promotes a positive, viable alternative to the current financial system. Together its members are leveraging $100 billion in assets to make clients, customers and members great returns by putting money to good through programs, products and projects with an economic, social and environmental impact.

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