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Bee’s knees

Street art highlights the plight of the humble bee

Street art highlights the plight of the humble bee

A 12ft honeybee landed in Bristol over the weekend to raise awareness of the rapid decline of bees in the UK. The new mural outside At-Bristol in Bristol city centre is the work of London based street artist ATM and part of an initiative by Good Shout Studio’s Human Nature. It marked the beginning of the Urban Pollinators Summit organised by Friends of the Earth and BeeBristol as part of the Get Bristol Buzzing campaign.

ATM is best known for painting murals of endangered birds on city walls. Having joined the Human Nature art show last year, he has been praised for his creative approach to ecology. His owl, snipe, goldfinch, turtle dove and other distinctive bright paintings have attracted much attention and can be found across housing estates, schools and other buildings in the capital. The UK has lost 97% of native wildflower, and two species of bumblebee have become extinct over the last 70 years. This new work aims to encourage the people of Bristol to find out more, get involved and help reinstate a healthy population of pollinators to the city.


The Human Nature art show sprung up in London last year to bring a new perspective to our relationship with nature. The launch night saw hundreds of visitors enjoy sculpture, photography, painting and street art exploring the importance of our interaction with the natural world. A unique event, with three further shows planned for 2015 in Leeds, Bristol and returning to London, the show is now spreading to the streets to benefit artists and city dwellers alike.

In addition to Human Nature’s primary sponsor, Abundance, The Honey Bee has been supported by a number of Bristol based organisations including Triodos Bank, At-Bristol, Bristol Friends of the Earth, Get Bristol Buzzing and Bristol Fine Art. They are joined by Liquitex paints.

For more information on what can be done to save the Honey Bee go to www.beebristol.org or The Friends of the Earth Bee Cause site. For the latest on ATM and Human Nature visit www.humannatureshow.com

Find out how pesticides are threatening bees and the long-term future of our food supply.

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