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New Better Food Co. store is open for business

In April, we helped organic food retailer Better Food Co raise £350,000 from investors to open a new shop in Bristol.

We’re pleased to say the shop is now open for business. The new store and the wider retail development were also featured on BBC News.

We reached our target for fundraising in just 10 days, with 62 investors taking up the offer. Local investors contributed £135,000, 39% of the total, suggesting strong local interest in the development.

Founder Phil Haughton has been involved in organic farming and retail for over 35 years.

“We take our position of being a connection between farmers and consumers seriously, we want to share the great successes and challenges of the organic market and help customers make autonomous decisions.” Says Phil.

“We were really happy to be working with like-minded, ethical parties on this bond offer, and we are delighted it has been fully subscribed. It felt like the right thing to do.”

Better Food Co Wapping Wharf

Better Food Co, Wapping Wharf

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