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Waste not, want not

A simple and tasty idea for your Christmas leftovers

A simple and tasty idea for your Christmas leftovers

Don’t want to waste food this Christmas but bored of making the same old leftover dishes? Why not give the bubble ‘n squeak a miss this year and try something new?

SRA sustainable restaurant of the year ODE’s simple and tasty spiced savoury pancake is the perfect Christmas leftovers recipe. Inspired by the Asian Martabak, award winning chef Tim Bouget has created this exotic dish that can be served as a meal or eaten on the go. The dough is made from ingredients every kitchen will have while the filling is up to you!

christmas leftovers Cafe Ode

Award winning chef Tim Bouget’s spiced savoury pancake

Ingredients – makes four

For the dough

250g flour/bread flour
75ml water
1 egg
2 tbsp Rapeseed oil

For the filling
1 Onion
Tbsp curry power
Christmas leftovers, e.g. mash or chopped roasted potatoes, vegetables, cooked meats



  1. For the dough, add all your dough ingredients together and mix well using your hands to form a soft bread like dough. Allow to rest for 20 minutes while you collect all your left over ingredients
  2. For the filling, shred the onion and cook in some butter or oil. Add a tbsp of curry powder, then simply add in your leftovers, mix and bind together

    “It’s great with leftover mash or chopped roasted potatoes, vegetables and any cooked meats such as chicken or beef – just add spice! There’s always meat left on that roast chicken, alternatively leftover cooked beef mince is a perfect option.”

    Tim Bouget, owner and chef at ODE

  3. For the pancake, clear a space on a work top and lightly oil the surface.
  4. Take a tablespoon of dough and mould it into a round ball; squash using the palm of your hand.
  5. Using your finger tips, gently begin to spread the dough in a circular motion, working inside and out to make a round. The dough should be almost see-through and about the size of a medium frying pan.
    Tim Bouget Cafe Ode

    Award winning chef, Tim Bouget


  6. Heat a non stick pan on the stove, when the pan is hot, lift the pancake off the work surface and place into the pan. Turn the heat down. After a minute the pancake will begin to colour.
  7. Add a large spoonful of your left over creation into the middle of the dough. Use a palette knife to fold over the sides of the pancake to the center creating a square parcel.
  8. Flip the pancake over and cook for a further 2 minutes. The filling at this stage will be heated through and ready to eat.
  9. The dough will seal itself creating a square pasty like parcel. Remove from the pan, cut in half and serve.

Find out how a loan from Triodos Bank helped establish Cafe ODE.

Project CV
Cafe ODE

Within a year of its opening in the Spring 2012, Cafe ODE was celebrating winning restaurant of the year at the Sustainable Restaurant Awards. When you examine the philosophy behind the business, it’s not surprising. Every aspect of the cafe meets the most stringent sustainability criteria, from the beautiful food, sourced locally using only the finest seasonal produce, to the solar water heating on its Sedum kitchen roof. Cafe ODE was rated as a three star sustainability champion by the Sustainable Restaurant Association in January 2014, and received a gold award from the food for life partnership in 2013. www.odetruefood.com


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