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8 reasons to #ChangeFinance for good

Ten years on from the financial crisis, Triodos customers reflect on how the banking sector still needs to change for good.

1. Emily – on the pursuit of profit in the sector

“To the banking sector consumers are just a means to a profit, and it still seems profit must be pursued at all costs. I do think people are more aware of it now though, and I can see the beginnings of a shift.”


2. Abby – on the impact of changes to regulate the banking sector

“It’s difficult to see if and how changes to regulate the banking sector have really had an impact: the prevailing orthodoxy appears to remain, and power is perhaps even more concentrated ten years on.”


3. Hannah – on everyone making a difference

“Money, unfortunately, is one of the things that makes the world go round. It is through more banks like Triodos that the sector can change and when us, everyday people, take responsibility for our actions in every little thing we do.”


4. John – on how little has changed since the financial crash

“Little has changed since the crash. Banks are still over-rewarding both their shareholders and their top managers with non-viable bonuses and incentives at the expense of ethical business.”


5. Kat – on trust in the banking sector

“The financial crash has made me cautious about trusting the banking sector. Switching to Triodos has allowed my banking to reflect my values.”


6. Karn – on how large banks operate

“The global financial crash a decade ago destroyed the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people, yet there has been no real change in the way the large banks operate.”


7. Sieske – on the limited change in the sector since the financial crash

“Ten years after the 2008 financial crash and nothing has changed. I am glad my money is safely stored with a transparent agent like Triodos and is being used for the greater good.”


8. Sophia – on a generational change

“There are exciting ethical alternatives available and there has been a generational change. We are calling big businesses to account. And we know how to make ourselves heard.”


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