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Change Together: Triodos Bank’s annual meeting tomorrow

Tomorrow, change makers of all types will gather together as Triodos Bank UK hosts its annual meeting at The Light, Euston Road, London.

Themed as ‘Change Together’, the day is a public event for customers, depository receipt holders, and stakeholders to engage with the mission of Triodos Bank and be inspired to make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change.

This year’s meeting sees Triodos launch its long-anticipated UK current account for personal customers, ahead of it becoming available later this year. This coincides with the launch of a new campaign to build momentum for positive change in the financial market. The new product transforms Triodos into an everyday bank, which will appeal to an even wider community of people who are part of a growing movement using finance for positive impact.

The meeting will also include a lively session – ‘Power In Our Hands’ – that will look at our individual and collective power to create change. Hosted by broadcaster and journalist Martha Kearney, the discussion will feature guest speakers John-Paul Flintoff, author of ‘How to change the world’; Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Network; and Anna Laycock, director at The Finance Innovation Lab.

Change Together features an ethical marketplace that allows a number of ethical exhibitors to showcase their products. These include:

The ethical marketplace opens at 10am, with registration beginning at 1pm.

Full Programme:

10am-2pm: Ethical Market

1pm-2pm: Registration Open

2pm-5pm: Annual Meeting

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Susan Hickey 3 years ago

I would love to come but unfortunately I can’t make it(I live in Stroud, Gloucestershire) I know your office is in Bristol – intrigued to know why London and not Bristol for the AGM (yes, I know it would be easier and quicker for me to get to Bristol from where I live!) Hope it’s a good,fruitful day for you.