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Triodos Bank tops number of clean tech deals

With 57 clean energy loans, Triodos Bank has topped the Clean Energy Pipeline ‘Renewables Infrastructure Investment in Europe 2016‘ report for the number of clean tech deals completed over 2015.

The achievement marks the end of a year studded with highlights, including our UK team funding its largest ground mounted solar project to date for Danish investor Nordic Solar and financing our first ground source heat pump installations.

At the UK branch Triodos also arranged lending facilities totalling more than £19 million to community renewable projects. This takes the bank’s lending commitments to the community renewables sector to 11 different projects, making it one of its largest lending areas in the UK in the past three years.

Philip Bazin, Environment Team Leader at Triodos Bank UK said: “2016 was a fantastic year for community renewable lending. As the sector, funding and regulation has changed in the past year – we have adapted our service model to be more innovative in meeting the unique needs of our clients.”

This year, we’ve successfully leant to a number of high-impact community projects including projects for Bristol Energy Cooperative, Galson Trust, Berwickshire Community Renewables LLP and with the help of Triodos Corporate Finance raised £2.75m of equity for Chelwood Energy Limited in Somerset.

Philip adds, “we are looking to grow our portfolio of lending to medium sized organisations seeking finance and have expanded our team to meet the demands of a growing sector.”

Triodos Bank first entered the renewables market in the mid-1980’s with a focus on wind energy and has since broadened its focus across the wider renewable and environmental sectors. Now, after decades of experience, we’re looking to the future and are excited to be at the forefront of new technologies and opportunities in the renewables sector.

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