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Discover the impact of inclusive finance

An impact report

An impact report

Our recently published online Impact Report highlights our role as an investor in inclusive finance. It presents our 2015 results in a context of numbers, stories, and activities and highlights our approach: why we do what we do and how we have embedded this in our investment process.

Stop and think about it for a minute. Isn’t it comforting to know that your savings are safely parked at the bank? That you can apply for a loan or mortgage, knowing that you will pay reasonable interest? Isn’t it less stressful to know that you are insured for fire, illness, theft, and so on?

For many this is normal, and few pause to think of what it would be like otherwise. For about 2 billion people – 40% of the world’s adults – it is not.

The Impact Report

Based on our deep-rooted commitment to making money work for positive change, we aim to address this challenge. We strongly believe that access to finance gives people the freedom of choice to pursue the life they wish to live. Inclusive finance offers financial services – savings, credit, payment services and insurance – to traditionally underserved people. Such services offer a lifeline to millions to better support themselves and their families, thus improving their quality of life. Furthermore, inclusive finance plays a key role in meeting the largely unmet demand for small and medium-sized enterprises that also need access to financial services in order to start and grow.
In a recently launched online publication, you can read about our approach to investing for impact in inclusive finance and our commitment to contribute to the development of an inclusive financial sector in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Investing for impact is too complex to be captured in a few metrics. For that reason, we present our 2015 impact report in a context of numbers, stories, and activities and by highlighting our approach: why we do what we do and how we have embedded this in our investment process.




Triodos Investment Management has been active as an investor in the microfinance/inclusive finance sector since 1994 through a number of specialised funds. At year-end 2015, these funds provide finance to 100+ microfinance institutions and banks in 45 countries in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. These institutions reach 15.5 million low-income people with loans. Approximately 10.2 million low-income people use savings services offered by these institutions. Triodos Investment Management holds equity stakes in over 20 financial institutions; a senior staff member of Triodos Bank joins the Board of Directors and actively contributes to the governance of these institutions. For an overview of our activities in emerging markets, please visit the Emerging Markets investment strategy page



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