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Focal point

Here are the highest trending Colour of Money articles for 2015

Here are the highest trending Colour of Money articles for 2015

From peace marches to community renewable energy projects, we’ve collected the most popular articles from the Colour of Money. These are the articles which have been read more than any of the others – do you have a favourite? What would you like to read in 2016?

1) Sustainable social media 100


Making the top read list for a second year in a row, our sustainable social media top 100 is a rundown of the most influential people who are making their voice heard on sustainability issues.

2) The EU and GM: what’s next after the vote

We speak to Peter Melchett, Policy Director of The Soil Association, on new rules allowing countries to choose to grow genetically modified crops.

3) Road to Peace

In June, the film makers behind Road to Peace set out to walk 200 miles penniless from London to Glastonbury. Will Gethin, founder of Conscious Frontiers and fellow peace pilgrim, reports.

4) Carbon Warrior

Solar entrepreneur, author and activist Jeremy Leggett talks to us about the pending crisis in the energy industry.

5) People power – time to invest in community renewables?

Recent tax policy changes mean that community renewable energy projects, like the one in Chelwood, could be significantly more attractive to investors than their equivalent purely commercially focused projects.

6) Turning empty offices into homes

AEOB’s is a new community benefit society from Bristol which has a mission to turn empty commercial property into homes.

7) SITR: A relief for all of us


Aspire & Ambition show that tax relief can be a powerful tool for social justice.

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