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John-Paul Flintoff: The Power of the individual

“If you had the chance, would you change the world?” John-Paul Flintoff kicked off his talk at the Triodos Bank UK Annual Meeting with a direct challenge, and then showed how we can all help create the change we want to see.

John-Paul encouraged attendees get proactive and discover just one or two actions that they can do to engage others and help begin a process of positive change. It’s important to recognise the power and influence we all have in cultivating our communities to strive for a better world.

Watch the full inspiring talk here:

“Try to imagine what the world can be like if we get it right. And then work backwards to discover how we get there”

John-Paul Flintoff, author of ‘How to change the world’

We all want our savings to work harder for us personally, but what about the wider impact? By putting your money in an ethical savings account you not only get the benefit of a financial return but the knowledge that your savings are contributing to positive change. Find out more about our ethical savings accounts, or discover the Triodos Current Account.


john-paul flintoff

John-Paul Flintoff is the author of How to change the world, which is published in 16 languages. He was once an associate editor on The Financial Times but now works as a performer, artist and campaigner, devoting himself to changing the world, one conversation at a time. He’s spoken to audiences of as many as 5,000 people, on four continents, and is currently working to set up a TED event inside a prison.

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