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Meet Hannah, one of our newest Current Account customers

Hannah is a 28-year-old student, medical herbalist and youth worker. She lives with her boyfriend in Stroud and has two dogs, both of which she adopted while living in Colombia. She tries to live as ethically as she can, buying local organic food wherever possible and being mindful of the purchasing decisions she makes. But more recently, she decided to open a Triodos Bank Personal Current Account and join the movement toward a fairer and more sustainable financial system. We caught up with her to find out why.

Triodos Bank: Hi Hannah. Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hannah: I’m currently studying herbal medicine as a diploma and work as a youth worker. I love nature and going for walks. I speak Spanish and Portuguese and I’ve lived in various countries across the world.

TB: What do you value most in life?

Hannah: For me, it’s all about acting positively in everything I do – whether it’s buying local vegetables and reducing my plastic, or recycling and composting – I think if everything can be aligned to my values, including my money, then that’s a great start.

TB: What was the biggest influencing factor when you decided to open a Triodos Bank Personal Current Account?

Hannah: After spending some time in the US, I liked the idea of a credit union, so I started out looking for something like that – an option that allowed me to see where my money is going and what it’s supporting in the local community. The UK works slightly differently so a credit union wasn’t quite the right path. Before long I came across Triodos and heard they were launching a Personal Current Account. I put my name straight onto the waiting list.

I chose Triodos because I want to know exactly where my money is lent. It’s not like I have lots of money, but I don’t want even £10 of my earnings going into the arms trade or oil industry, for example. Transparency is key for me. Knowing where my money goes makes me feel part of the projects it’s lent to, all of which benefit people and the planet.

TB: How was your experience switching to Triodos?

Hannah: I used the Current Account Switch Service to switch to Triodos Bank. The whole experience was effortless and worked seamlessly. I even went to close my old account and got told that it had already be taken care of for me, which was brilliant.

TB: What has been your experience of using the Personal Current Account so far?

Hannah: My experience with the Triodos Current Account so far has been great. I found it really easy to switch and to get an agreed overdraft. The customer service has also been excellent. With a quick call to them, you can have any questions answered in no time at all. The banking app is also very easy to use – I love the added feature where I can see where my money is being lent and the impact it’s having.

TB: How do you feel about paying £3 a month for your account?

Hannah: I‘m really happy to pay the £3 monthly charge. I’d rather pay for the bank to exist ethically than pay nothing and not know what my money is supporting.

TB: Finally, what advice would you give to someone who’s thinking of opening a Triodos Bank Personal Current Account?

Hannah: Don’t be daunted by the prospect of switching. The Current Account Switch Service automatically transfers all your outgoing payments, incoming salary, direct debits and standing orders in seven days – it’s so easy!


Triodos Current Account

Just like Hannah, you can join a bank that supports your values and invests in future generations, every day.The Triodos current account is part of the Current Account Switching Service (CASS) scheme, making it easier to switch with all direct debits, standing orders and payments in and out automatically transferred.

Sign up today at: www.triodos.co.uk/change


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Veronica Pollard 2 years ago

Is it now true that one can have an arranged overdraft ? And does this mean one that’s there all the time in case one needs it?

Reply to Veronica Pollard
hcarr 2 years ago

Hi Veronica, you can apply for an arranged overdraft up to £2,000, subject to credit and affordability checks. You can find more information here: https://www.triodos.co.uk/en/personal/triodos-current-account. Thanks, Hannah