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Meet Keith

Know where your money comes from

Know where your money comes from

56-year old Keith works at an independent cinema in Welwyn Garden City. When not in the box office, Keith enjoys growing his own vegetables and developing his natural garden and explains why he values the freedom more than anything else.


Hi I’m Keith!

I’m 56 and semi-retired, and in my previous life I worked for 38 years for a major high street bank. I Now work three days a week at the box office of an independent cinema in Welwyn Garden City.

What do you value most in life?

Of all the things that I hold precious, I consider my family, friends, sense of humour and the world around us incredibly important.More than anything else I value the freedom that I have. We are all born looking up at the same stars and sky but depending of the location, race, religion that we are born into we don’t all enjoy the same freedoms.

I am passionate supporter of Amnesty International and the work they do worldwide to ensure we all have basic human rights. Every single one of us has the power to implement change for the good of our fellow humans, and make the world a better place.

Favourite things

My garden and allotment are havens of sanctuary. It’s so satisfying yet humble to plant a seed tray out in January or February, then water, nurture and care for them and eventually pick it fresh and consume it within seconds. You may not save much money growing your own fruit and vegetables but you cut out the delivery mile, unnecessary packaging, and feeding the profits of a corporate giant – I could go on.

I make sure that we garden as organically incorporating biodiversity as much as possible, and encouraging hedgehogs, frogs, birds to keep the bugs at bay. There is nothing better than pottering around your plot early in the morning with a cuppa in hand just soaking it all in.


Generally anybody who overcomes adversity and just gets on with things is right up there in my book.

Near us we have a project called Earthworks; a charity that helps profoundly disabled people feel included by teaching them gardening skills and willow weaving. They produce vegetables that is sold at the local farmers markets along with various willow items, plant supports etc. I picked up some willow wigwams earlier this year, skilfully crafted by a great lad who wasn’t able to communicate verbally, but let his hands do the talking.

There is an inspirational performer called Jess Thom who suffers from Tourettes Syndrome and shouts the word biscuit several thousand times a day. I defy anyone not to be inspired and blown away by her show, ‘Backstage in Biscuit Land’.

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Marilyn Jones 4 years ago

Keith put everything into a nutshell! – I was drawn to his garden/allotment – his sense of freedom – but also his whole ethos drew in social things too – just imagine if people like Keith were to predominate in this world. It would be a very different place – an infinitely better one!

Dagmar Brook 4 years ago

Very encouraging to read Keith’s outlook on the world around him. We are just so lucky to live here, enjoying peace in a world, that is in so many places full of fear and hatred. To have our families and friends around us, to have the freedom to follow our own dreams. I am now retired, but life is busier as ever, with a community shop, which depends on volunteers and a large garden and also the joy of fruit and vegetables nearly all year round as well as granny duties!.
Keep up the good work – I do also like the inspiration, that spreads from Earthworks.