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Meet Rob

Know where your money comes from

Know where your money comes from

29 year-old Rob is a masters’ student and a Triodos Bank personal customer. A deep thinker, Rob takes inspiration from nature and philosophy, and what the theme of growth means to him.

What do you value most in life? What motivates you?

How do we give value to things? To one person, a flower is a weed, to another it is the diamond of the garden. It’s in the eye of the beholder – Everyone plays their role in creating an individual piece of life’s patchwork quilt.

When I was younger, I wasted a lot of my money. There was once a negative emotional connotation to it, a sense of never having enough. They say a fool and his money are soon parted and I was the living proof. I have since changed perspective, to look at what I want to achieve with my life. Since then money has changed its value. I save and invest for my future. I like the feeling of growing. With each increase, I know that it was a choice I made, a wise choice. It safeguards my future.
Rob Reed
What are your favourite things?

It is often said that a habit of great men is to take the time to read a great deal. Widening my consciousness to the breadth of human understanding is a truly humbling experience. It is the innate human condition to box things into categories, but holistically, one receives a solid education from a diverse range of sources.

Inspiration can hit you within a line of William Wordsworth, economic wisdom of Thomas Piketty, a formulae of Tesla, or, a drawing of da Vinci. I found a great kindred source of inspiration through the philosophical and spiritual teachings of the late Alan Watts. If you can find a person who can untangle the complicated thoughts within your mind, who answers your questions with clarity and confidence, who shows you the start of your own path; then by all means, you must listen.

What are your hopes for the future?
Rob Reed
As people we are a long way from finding ourselves content yet I have faith in the future, be it boom, bust or somewhere in between. In passing conversation and whilst putting the kettle on, my gran once used the phrase “what will be will be”, in his own way, so too said the Buddha.
I have a recommendation for everyone, especially those with young children. In your lifetime, plant just one tree wherever you can. Be present. When you plant a seed you give to the universe the upmost faith that it will grow. You needn’t tell the roots to take up nutrients, you needn’t ask the leaves to photosynthesize. The natural flow of the universe has it all in hand. It grows of its own accord. One can understand the ancient wisdom, when they would consider and adorn trees as sacred. A demonstration of faith that the universe grows itself. Perhaps to return one day to that same tree; by that point you may be standing alongside grandchildren, and you pick up another seed from the ground.

How do you think finance can be a force for good in the future?

How do industry leaders and keyholders add value to those things that exist unseen – clean air, a feeling, connection? How do they measure the unmeasurable ways of the world – the ever-continuous landscape? There lies our thorn. Ideally, banks needs to deal in manners of ‘non-finance’.
Let’s refer to value once again; that flower in your garden, to some it is a weed and others the entire universe manifesting as a humble dandelion. The current economic paradigm is a place where banking is considered to be one side of the scale and spiritual (emotion, feeling, experience) the other. But in fact, they are both one. They need each other like night needs day.

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