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A new green space for #MyWildCity

As part of Avon Wildlife Trust’s #MyWildCity campaign, a new green stepping stone has been added to the city of Bristol thanks to the creation of large planters to the balcony of Triodos Bank’s UK headquarters.

#MyWildCityThe city-wide campaign encourages Bristol residents to plant, build ponds, put out bird seed, or do anything they can to cultivate a city of diverse and healthy wildlife. Triodos Bank saw the fourth floor balcony as an opportunity to add a green space to the growing network of plants and ponds in the city centre.

A group of Green Team volunteers built the planters from reclaimed scaffolding boards (supplied by Bristol Wood Recycling Project), and planted them according to three themes: herbs and edible plants; pond planter; and two pollinator friendly planters. Plants were selected by the team with the help of the Avon Wildlife Trust team, who were also on hand during the day to guide the building and planting. From wild strawberries and rosemary to hellebores and foxgloves, the planters are designed to always have something on display.

As well as flowers to attract bees, the balcony also has a ‘bee hotel’ which is perfect for solitary bees finding nesting sites.

The building and planting was carried out by Triodos Bank’s volunteer Green Team (below), as well as a number of other volunteers from across the branch.

Check out Avon Wildlife Trust’s page on how you can get involved in #MyWildCity.

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Alan 4 years ago

Well done. What a good example to others wanting to do the same. Shows that you do not need a big garden to grow plants.

Malcolm 3 years ago

I am lucky enough to have a small south facing balcony on which i grow blueberries, rocket, toms, spring onions, peppers and chillies. Herbs grow on my windowsills. I am awaiting the arrival of a Boston fern and Peace Lily to improve air quality inside my flat (I live on a busy main road) Do you have air improving plants in your offices?