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Happy City is a small UK charity with a big mission: to ‘make what matters count’. It offers a place-based model of change that puts the wellbeing of current and future generations centre stage. It does this by developing new measures of progress and delivering training, projects and campaigns to help embed them into how places work….


How to heat homes from the ground up

An innovative ground source heat pump company is helping to power retirement properties across the country

Rendesco Ground Source Heat Pumps

As the affordable low-carbon revolution gathers pace in the energy sector, attention is increasingly turning to one of the UK’s other big polluters: heat generation. Almost 40% of the energy consumed in the UK is in the form of heat and its generation. It accounts for 20% of UK CO2 emission, while renewable heat remains significantly under-utilised,…


The community energy revolution takes hold in Somerset

A community solar company in Somerset has big crowdfunding ambitions

Mendip Renewables

As the cost of renewable energy continues to tumble, a new wave of community energy projects is transforming the way we think about energy supply and proving that decentralisation is a genuine alternative. These energy projects are becoming truly viable as a way to cut out the need for expensive infrastructure. As a result, projects across the…


Supporting Happy and Thriving Places

thriving places

An innovative new index that measures the conditions which enable people and places to thrive has been launched. It is based on the most comprehensive analysis of local authority data of its kind and the Colour of Money looks at how it offers a new compass to help deliver real ‘prosperity’ for all.