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Conscious investment

If you care about how your bank uses your ISA money, you're not alone

If you care about how your bank uses your ISA money, you're not alone

Research commissioned by Triodos Bank suggests that savers and investors do care about what their bank does with their money and have some clear preferences around which activities they don’t want to support.


Fossil fuel divestment

Saying no to investment in oil, coal and gas

Images from global divestment day 2015

Across the world, people are coming together to declare they’re not willing to be complicit in an industry which, arguably, presents the greatest environmental threat to the planet today.


Being frank

Founder Katie Alcott looks back at 10 years of FRANK Water


An experience that changed Katie Alcott’s life was the inspiration for an initiative which has changed the lives of more than 300,000 people in India. On its 10th anniversary, she tells us FRANK Water’s story and how it works to provide safe drinking water for the communities that need it most.