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Down on the farm

Organic farming with a difference

Organic farming with a difference

“I’ve never felt so proud about where I work” Ped Asgarian, Operations Manager at The Community Farm.


Talking Fracking

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood Fracking. Credit: LUSH

Fracking – the controversial process of blasting water, sand and chemicals deep underground to extract gas and oil – has encountered widespread resistance as exploratory wells spring up across the UK. Designer and activist Vivienne Westwood tells us why for her, fracking is on the front line in the battle against climate change.


Toxic by nature

New evidence shows that pesticide use puts global food production at risk


Pesticides have long been suspected of harming more than just the pests they’re targeting. Now a new report has conclusively shown that neonicotinoids – the world’s most widely used pesticides – cause major damage to biodiversity and ecosystems.


Generation game

Avonmouth wind farm open day

avonmouth wind farm

It’s only when you get up close to a wind turbine that you can really appreciate its scale. At Triodos Renewables’ Avonmouth wind farm, the blades alone are the height of Nelson’s column, and the whole structure would dwarf it, reaching 126 metres into the sky. Looking up from the base makes for an impressive sight for…


Upcycled cafe

How one couple are making green tracks on North Devon's Tarka Trail

Yarde Orchard has been meeting the refreshment and accommodation needs of cyclists on the Tarka Trail in North Devon for more than a decade.