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SITR: a relief for all of us

Aspire & Ambition show that tax relief can be a powerful tool for social justice

Aspire & Ambition show that tax relief can be a powerful tool for social justice

Taxes are a good thing. They pay for our children’s education, our hospital visits and a host of other public goods. So why are we celebrating our first two investments to qualify for social investment tax relief?


Community register

Chalford comes together to buy village store

Chalford village store

Chalford Community Stores, a volunteer run shop and post office in the tiny village of Chalford in the Stroud Valley has been at the heart of community life for more than a decade.


Biting back

The mosquito repellent with a natural formula for success

incognito repellent

Millions of holidaymakers use mosquito repellent every year without giving it a second thought. But the shocking truth is that DEET, the main chemical compound in synthetic repellents, is toxic to fish, birds and bees, and exposes an estimated four million people to pesticide poisoning every year.