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Biting back

The mosquito repellent with a natural formula for success

The mosquito repellent with a natural formula for success

Millions of holidaymakers use mosquito repellent every year without giving it a second thought. But the shocking truth is that DEET, the main chemical compound in synthetic repellents, is toxic to fish, birds and bees, and exposes an estimated four million people to pesticide poisoning every year.


Best read 2014

Find out which articles generated the most interest from our readers last year

Best Read 2014 - the colour of money

From vegan boxing gloves to values-led banking, we’ve covered a lot of ground over the last year. Here we reveal the top five articles to capture the imagination of our readers in 2014.


Home is where the heart is

The innovative housing assocation that puts people first

Margaret Blackwood Housing Assocation

Dr Margaret Blackwood, MBE, was committed to enabling people with disabilities to live independent lives. In 1972, she founded the Margaret Blackwood Housing Association to provide housing that was suitably designed for disabled people. More than 40 years on, Blackwood is Scotland’s leading expert in property adaptations, helping tenants with a wide range of needs to live…


New year’s wishes

Sustainability leaders' hopes and ambitions for the coming year

What are your hopes for 2015? We ask leading lights from sustainable energy, money, farming and more about the change they want to see in the world over the coming year.


Carbon warrior

Jeremy Leggett on the pending crisis in the energy industry

Jeremy Leggett

Solar entrepreneur, author and activist Jeremy Leggett talks to us about the pending crisis in the energy industry, the role human psychology has to play in it, and how we have to nurture clean energy industries and accelerate them as though mobilising for war.