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Social investment trailblazers

How Triodos is leading the pack on access to impact investment

How Triodos is leading the pack on access to impact investment

Last month, Triodos Bank  was named a ‘social investment trailblazer’ by the Cabinet Office when it was awarded the Investment Access Award at the inaugural Social Investment Awards.  Here Whitni Thomas explains what set Triodos apart from the pack.


Boxing Clever

The vegan glove manufacturer that's fighting for fairness

Vegan Boxing Gloves

Jan Lenarz has been boxing for more than a decade and he is passionate about his sport. But Jan is also vegan, and in order to find good quality boxing gloves that met his ethical standards, he had to take matters into his own hands.


Impact investing – a new game

But who gets to play?

Impact Investing

Following the release of his report, Impact Investing for Everyone, James Vaccaro, head of corporate strategy at Triodos Bank argues that there is a real opportunity for money to shift into socially positive investments, but only if we are all invited to play.


Not following the herd

Yeo Valley's journey to energy self sufficiency

Yeo Valley cows face

Yeo Valley is largest organic business in the UK and one of the nation’s best loved brands.  But despite its success, this family run company, based in the heart of the West Country, has remained strongly committed to its core values; doing business in a way that’s better for people and the planet.