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New year’s wishes

Sustainability leaders' hopes and ambitions for the coming year

Sustainability leaders' hopes and ambitions for the coming year

What are your hopes for 2015? We ask leading lights from sustainable energy, money, farming and more about the change they want to see in the world over the coming year.


Carbon warrior

Jeremy Leggett on the pending crisis in the energy industry

Jeremy Leggett

Solar entrepreneur, author and activist Jeremy Leggett talks to us about the pending crisis in the energy industry, the role human psychology has to play in it, and how we have to nurture clean energy industries and accelerate them as though mobilising for war.


Waste not, want not

A simple and tasty idea for your Christmas leftovers

Cafe Ode

Don’t want to waste food this Christmas but bored of making the same old leftover dishes? Why not give the bubble ‘n squeak a miss this year and try something new?