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Impact investing – a new game

But who gets to play?

But who gets to play?

Following the release of his report, Impact Investing for Everyone, James Vaccaro, head of corporate strategy at Triodos Bank argues that there is a real opportunity for money to shift into socially positive investments, but only if we are all invited to play.


Not following the herd

Yeo Valley's journey to energy self sufficiency

Yeo Valley cows face

Yeo Valley is largest organic business in the UK and one of the nation’s best loved brands.  But despite its success, this family run company, based in the heart of the West Country, has remained strongly committed to its core values; doing business in a way that’s better for people and the planet.


Another world is possible

Taking a glimpse of a #bankingonvalues future


“Unless your savings are under your mattress, your money is being used to change the world right now, for good or for ill. This realisation gives us all a responsibility to consider how our money is deployed, but it also gives us a power most of us never knew we had.”


#bankingonvalues for positive change

The power is in your pocket


On 23 October 2014, the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) staged #bankingonvalues; an internationally co-ordinated campaign to stimulate a global conversation about a new way of banking. The campaign saw GABV members across the globe sharing links and information and having online conversations with people all over the world. Over a 24 hour period, #bankingonvalues…