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Knowledge gap

What are your investments really financing?

What are your investments really financing?

If we are to understand what our money is really financing, we are going to need a lot more information….


Positive investment

Ethex founder Jamie Hartzell on the rise of investment for good

Positive Investment

Ethex’s Positive Investing report, released this week, shows a dramatic rise across the UK in the number of people choosing to save and invest directly in businesses that have the explicit intention of making money do good. Ethex calculates that around 1.7 million people are now taking control of their finances and saving and investing at least…


Branching out

Hill Holt Wood's ambitious plans to turn empty houses back into homes

Hill Holt Wood

When Karen and Nigel Lowthrop bought Hill Holt Wood, an ancient deciduous woodland in Lincoln, it was in a very poor state. But, they had a vision and today, almost 20 years on, it is a successful charity and social enterprise now embarking on a new venture to provide housing for some of the most disadvantaged people…


Pouring oil on troubled water

Looking back on ten years of pioneering Fairtrade in Palestine

As Zaytoun celebrates its tenth olive harvest in Palestine, co-founder Cathi Pawson looks back at a time when she was told her plan to import a Fairtrade Palestinian olive oil was impossible.


Cafe direct

How one couple is breathing new life into an old village Post Office

When Ali and Jonny Aspden took some time out to travel around Canada, they had planned to emigrate and start a new life abroad. But after much soul searching, the young couple decided to put all their energies into championing fair trade back home in Udny.