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Open doors at Avonmouth

New wind farm officially opened

New wind farm officially opened

Triodos Renewables is always looking for new ways to engage with, and listen to, the people investing in and living near our renewable energy projects. So on Saturday, June 7 we (quite literally) opened the doors of our new wind farm facility at Avonmouth – and more than 130 of you took us up on our invitation…


Zion Bristol

Social hub lifts community

It’s been two years since Zion was resurrected as a vibrant hub in the Bedminster community in Bristol.  From a cosy cafe and art classes to a monthly food market and lego mornings for kids, Zion Bristol is back at the heart of the local community, welcoming people of all ages.


Costing the Earth

Patrick Holden on the true cost of food production

Intensively farmed food may be cheap to buy, but ultimately we all pay a high price for its nasty consequences. Sustainable Food Trust founder Patrick Holden explains that to build a more sustainable farming system, we first have to account for the true costs of food production.


Power to the people

Community owned renewables that generate a source of income

Communities across Scotland have been the first to reap the benefits of the abundant resources nature provides to them. They’ve pioneered community renewable energy projects, collectively developed and owned by local people.


It’s time for a new breed of banker

Huw Davies argues that we need not just new banks in the UK, but new bankers

Banker in a bowler hat

Six years on from the start of the credit crisis there continues to be much soul searching as to what our financial system should look like, what it should do, and how it should behave. There are new faces on the high street, and suggestions that the big banks may be trying to move in a more…