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How it should be

Alternative supermarket open in Brighton

Alternative supermarket open in Brighton

Supermarkets have become so predominant in British food shopping that there’s little room left for anything else. Traditional stores have struggled to compete, leaving an oligopoly of mega-retailers and shoppers facing a dwindling choice of alternatives.


The place to be

Scottish youth trust reaches out to young people

Callander Youth Project

Callander is a bustling tourist town in Perthshire, and a popular stop en-route to the Highlands. For local young people, growing up in what is a rural idyll for holiday visitors can be a recipe for isolation and boredom. Many are bussed in from a wide area, and outside school hours there is little for them to…


Cultural capital

How art is making the world a brighter place

Arts can lift you up, invite you into another mindset and give you a fresh perception of the world. Whether it’s a classical concert or a street performance, art and culture speak to the heart.


Direct Current

Opportunities and challenges for the UK's hydro electricity industry

Clean, green and discrete, small scale hydro electricity generation has been an important source of power for more than 150 years. And with every chance the hydro schemes being developed today will still be operational well into the next century, it has a clear role to play in the UK’s renewable energy future.