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Rob Hopkins: The Power of Community

Rob Hopkins has a profound understanding of the power of communities to create change. As the founder of the Transition Network  he has experienced first hand what it means when – through creativity and compassion – groups of people come together in a network of support to work at bettering their communities.

At the Triodos Bank UK Annual Meeting in April, Rob explored the thinking behind the Transition Network and how we can all become engaged in the values that went into building it. By embracing complexity and diversity, Rob says, we construct a more robust and rewarding community that works for everyone and is naturally inclined towards sustainability.

Watch the full inspiring talk here:

“I think we should replace GDP with another measure: how many meals people have in eachother’s houses”

Rob Hopkins, Transition Network

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rob hopkins

Rob Hopkins is the founder of the Transition Network, which catalyses, supports and connects a growing number of Transition initiatives, now active in more than 50 countries globally. He is the author, most recently, of ‘The Power of Just Doing Stuff’ and ’21 Stories of Transition. He is the winner of several awards, including the European Economic & Social Committee’s Social Prize, and appears in the French film ‘Tomorrow’ (‘Demain’). He lives in Totnes, where he has co-founded a pioneering craft brewery.

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