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Say hello to Triodos customer, Sieske

Meet Sieske, a 32-year-old yoga teacher, pet carer and Triodos Bank customer. We first met her at the Ethical Consumer Conference in London last year, where she was delighted to see us talking to people who have chosen to live by their values and choose to bank on them, too. Find out more about why Sieske was motivated to switch to Triodos, a more ethical alternative to her old bank.

Triodos Bank: Hello Sieske! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Sieske: I have two main jobs – the first is as a pet carer. I live in London so it’s great to have a job where I can get out and about, walking the dogs and seeing all the beautiful sights the city has to offer. My second role is as a yoga teacher. One of the great pleasures of this job is the rooftop class I teach in central London – weather permitting, of course. I also love to read, and to eat nutritious, plant-based goodies whenever I can.

TB: What do you value most in life?

Sieske: One of my biggest interests is animal welfare, so I’d love to see more investments in businesses that promote veganism. However, I am behind all organisations that try to do good and respect the individual integrity of a sentient being, be that human or non-human.

TB: Why did you decide to become a Triodos Bank customer?

Sieske: When I was living in the Netherlands, I worked in an ethical clothing shop, started to become a vegetarian and was studying to become an international development expert. All of this made me think about my spending, where my money came from and where it went. Add to that a friend’s positive experience with the Triodos Personal Current Account and I was sold.

Sieske, a Triodos Current Account customer

All images ©Barbara Evripidou/FirstAvenuePhotography.com

I came to the UK before Triodos Bank had launched their Current Account here. As soon as it launched, I switched immediately. My experience was so good, and now I know that my money makes a positive impact and doesn’t do harm.

TB: Describe your experience of switching to the Triodos Current Account.

Sieske: I decided not to use the Current Account Switch Service to move to Triodos as I only had a few direct debits to move. However, the experience of switching was seamless.

TB: How have you found using the Current Account so far?

Sieske: My experience so far has been brilliant. It’s easy to use and as I’ve been banking with Triodos for over 10 years, I’m already completely used to the system.

TB: How do you feel about paying the £3 monthly fee for your account?

Sieske: I was amazed that in the UK people don’t have to pay for banking services and often even get money for opening an account. I think it’s more than fair that you pay for good service providers. In return, you’ll get safety and a clean conscience.

TB: Finally, what would you say to someone who’s thinking of opening a Triodos Current Account?

Sieske: If you do everything else “fair and green” but your banking still supports unethical trades, why not switch? Switching bank account is such an easy thing to do. If you consider people switch internet providers or mobile phones yearly, how much more difficult is it to change your banking? It’s just signing a few papers and changing your direct debits, that’s it!


Triodos Current Account

Thousands of people just like Sieske have chosen to bank on their values and make a positive impact with their money. The Triodos Current Account is an every-day account that’s far from everyday.

Find out more: www.triodos.co.uk/change

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Andrew Smith 2 years ago

Great article, good person, good ideas.
I too would absolutely love to open a Triodos current account. However, I am a British citizen living in France and Triodos have not yet made it possible to have a UK Triodos current account. The minute they do, I’ll be there!