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The UK Sustainable Social Media 100

The Social Media Who's Who of the UK Sustainable Community

The Social Media Who's Who of the UK Sustainable Community

Find out who, in the UK sustainable community, are the key movers, shakers and influencers on social media.

The Sustainable Social Media 100 is meant to provide inspiration about who to follow on social media, and grow connections between everyone who’s interested in sustainability issues in the UK. You won’t find any organisations here – we’ve just included personal accounts.

We’ve used Klout to rank the top sustainability influencers in line with their reputational and social capital. Klout scores are a relative measure of your authority online, measuring interactions across the web to help you understand your impact in social media.

If you are based in the UK and involved in creating a more sustainable future and think you make it into The Sustainable Social Media 100 let us know, tweet @triodosuk using #Sus100 or email us your Twitter name, and if you make it, we will add to the list. Personal accounts only please.

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[…] Find out who, in the UK sustainable community, are the key movers, shakers and influencers on social… […]

More things that caught my eye this week – Mark AveryMark Avery 4 years ago

[…] seem to be #8 in a list of the sustainable 100 in the UK – good to see Caroline Lucas at […]

Jean Vidler 4 years ago

What a very useful list. Should have realised that these kind of rankings are available using social media stats. The future is always happening everywhere.

Sustainable 100 – Inspiring People | Doodles' doodles. 3 years ago

[…] Some inspiring folk on this list – https://colour-of-money.co.uk/sustainable-social-media-100/ […]

Belinda Howell 3 years ago

Tom Burke should be not only on the list, but towards the top. That he is not completely discredits the value and calibre of this list.

Reply to Belinda Howell
rtrapnell 3 years ago

Thanks for you comment – Tom Burke is included at number 59.

#Askthesus100 | The Colour Of Money | Triodos Bank 1 year ago

[…] June we had some fun, on Twitter, with 100 UK sustainability experts (the #sus100). Each day, for a week, we asked them one sustainability question and asked them to answer via a […]

Caroline Dent 7 months ago

Competition, competition, competition
Surely there is a better COOPERATIVE way to present this extensive collection of worthy contributors to the betterment of our world . Language and presentation is as influential as the ideas themselves.

KMT Freedom Teacher 6 months ago

Shocked! but not so shocked to see not one person from a non-white background is included in the list.
You can’t have sustainability with homogenous groups or people.