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Raising ambitions

Capital raising with our Corporate Finance team

Capital raising with our Corporate Finance team

For the Triodos Corporate Finance team, 2015 has been a landmark year with £17 million raised for clients.

They have raised capital for charities, social enterprises and environmental projects in the past year, which brings the total amount raised on behalf of clients to £72 million in the past five years.

Dan Hird, Head of Corporate Finance said: “Triodos Bank is all about inspiring people to use money positively so we are delighted to have attracted investment in our corporate finance deals from 20 different institutional investors and over 2,000 individual social investors this year alone. We are looking forward to a busy 2016.”

Here are some of the projects which we have supported in 2015.

Triodos Renewables PLC


£3.5 million retail share offer to acquire and develop new renewable energy schemes, increasing their renewable energy generating capacity to 138 GWh – enough clean energy to power around 44,600 homes.

TLS Hydro Power Ltd

tls pentad

£2.5 million retail bond offer to acquire and develop additional hydro power schemes, increasing their renewable energy generating capacity to 16GWh – enough clean energy to power around 4,000 homes.

Dart Renewables Ltd

£1.3 million to construct a hydro power scheme and modern fish pass at the Totnes weir on the River Dart which will benefit the wider community by providing clean energy to a local school and an affordable housing development.

Chelwood Community Energy


£2.5 million retail share offer to construct a 5MW solar scheme near the village of Chelwood which will generate clean electricity and contribute an estimated £1.2 million to a community benefit fund over the life of the project.

Aspire Gloucestershire & Ambition East Midlands

aspire and ambition

£910,000 raised through two social impact bonds to provide working capital for two payment-by-results initiatives which aim to tackle homelessness among young people in the Gloucestershire and East Midlands regions.

Glasgow Together CIC

£2 million bond offer to private and institutional investors to fund a programme of job creation for ex-offenders which will see 40 new homes built over the five year life of the bond, 10-15 restorations of sub-standard properties and over £500,000 invested into the wages, training and mentoring of ex-offenders aiming to reduce the likelihood of reoffending.

Thera Trust

Gary.Thera Trust

£2 million retail charity bond to help acquire additional properties to provide more homes for people with a learning disability and complex needs.

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