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What does your bank mean to you?

Triodos customers sum us up in one word

Triodos customers sum us up in one word

If you had to sum up your bank in one word, what would you say? Dependable? Secure? Fine? Sufficient? Do you even give your bank a second thought?

We asked customers at our annual meeting to sum up Triodos in one word, and some of the responses  – integrity, hope, cool! – may surprise you…

Let us know what your bank means to you below.


What do you think of "What does your bank mean to you?"

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Sandy 3 years ago

Tack för era hälsningar vänner!Michelle – Jag redigerar fortfarande i gamla PC:n dÃ¥ jag bara har Aperture som reagreringsproigdm i Macen:)Anonym – Jag har mest mörklblonda slingor mixat med nÃ¥gra liite kallare slingor och nÃ¥gra ljusbruna. Det är det skandinaviska hÃ¥ret med nailfästen!KRAMP