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Blown open

Triodos Renewables wind farm open day pulls in the crowds

Triodos Renewables wind farm open day pulls in the crowds

The sun was shining and the wind aptly blowing strong on Saturday 6 June at Triodos Renewables’ second open day at Avonmouth wind farm. Aimed at families from Bristol and beyond, it was a chance for visitors to learn more about the wind turbines at the site.

More than 400 visitors attended the open day, which had a range of educational and exciting activities including face painting, paper wind turbine building and wind turbine crazy golf. The award winning GENeco bio-bus was also on hand to give visitors the low-down on how it works, The Explorer Dome hosted a renewable energy focused show specially created for the open day and the The Landmark Practice provided information about the many environmental advantages the Triodos Renewables site brings to the area. Email renewables@triodos.co.uk for information on future wind farm visit.



Triodos Renewables

Triodos Renewables is a public limited company, owned by over 5,800 investors who want their money to help tackle climate change, and recognise the long-term business potential of renewable energy. The company focuses on low financial risk projects that use proven technologies and operate on long-term contracts. Projects must have minimal impact on communities and the environment through careful planning. Triodos Renewables also supports community involvement. It owns and operates eleven renewable energy projects across the UK with the capacity to generate 62.9 MW of electricity – enough clean, green electricity for the equivalent of over 32,000 homes*.


* Estimate based on the most recent statistics from the Department of Energy and Climate Change showing that annual UK average domestic household consumption is 4,192kWh.

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